About Åland Post

On these pages you will find information about current Åland postage tariffs and distributors of Åland stamps outside of Åland.

The first Åland stamps were issued on 1 March 1984, and approximately 16 stamp motifs appear every year. “Åland stamps must describe the nature, culture, history, industry and society of the island province and be a medium for the promotion of Åland.” (Quote from the Stamp policy of Åland Post).

The Stamp Committee of Åland Post compiles the annual issuing program and decides on the motifs. Suggestions are made by the Stamp Advisory Board, representing different parts of the Åland society, and by the general public.

The stamp committee of Åland Post 2021

The Stamp Committee consists of Heidemarie Eriksson (Stamps Manager), Johanna Finne (Marketing Design Manager), Gunilla Häggblom (Communication & PR), Henrik Lundberg (CEO) and Eivor Granberg (Business Area Manager Stamps & Postal services)

The Stamps unit has its premises at the post terminal, close to the Mariehamn Airport, and is divided into two sections, production and sales. The artisanal production of some 200 different stamp products is performed by the staff, who also processes and packs subscription deliveries and casual orders and serves customers in Swedish, Finnish, English, German and French.