Christmas mail 2021

Send your Christmas greetings and parcels to be delivered in time for Christmas.

Below, we have listed the deadlines for posting Christmas mail in time for Christmas. Note! We cannot guarantee delivery times to destinations abroad. The Corona-pandemic may cause unforeseeable obstacles in international transport. Please check the current country-specific restrictions at (in Swedish).

To addressees in Åland and Finland, you can post Christmas greetings in the form of letters or postcards weighing up to 20 grams at a discount. The Christmas postage is €1.10 and is valid as of 22 November. The ordinary postage €2.20 applies to mail for the Nordic and European countries. The postage to all other destinations worldwide is €2.40.

Posting of Christmas mail, no later than: 

  Christmas greetings with Christmas postage Parcels
Åland 14.12 20.12
Finland 9.12 17.12

Posting of overseas letters, no later than:

  Priority Economy
Sweden 13.12 7.12
Europe 3.12 26.11
All other destinations worldwide 26.11 22.11

Christmas postage:

Christmas postage applies from 22 November until and including
last day of posting
Åland, Christmas postage €1.10  
Finland, Christmas postage €1.10   
Sweden €2.20   
Other Nordic and European countries €2.20   
All other countries worldwide €2.40   

Last day of posting Christmas parcels overseas:

Sweden 14.12  
Europe 3.12  
All other destinations worldwide 29.11  

Non-denominated stamps
The current value of NVI postage is:

  • Lokalpost = 50 g priority Åland: €1.90 
  • Inrikes = 50 g Finland: €2.00 
  • Europa = 20 g priority Nordic Europe: €2.20 
  • Världen = 20 g priority worldwide: €2.40 
  • 1 klass = €1.90 
  • 2 klass = €1.60 
  • Julpost = €1.10 €