A 1700s nautical chart from Åland competes to be the most beautiful 2021 Sepac stamp! Vote and win year sets.

Åland stamp  historical nautical chart

Vote for the most beautiful 2021 Sepac stamp and take this chance to win annual packs worth closer to €600 from the participating Sepac postal authorities! The theme of the 2021 Sepac stamps issued by the small European postal administrations was historical maps. Among the nine competing stamp motifs, you find the Åland contribution featuring a nautical chart from the 1700s showing Rödhamn just off Mariehamn. The competition ends on 31 August 2022. 

The competition to select the most beautiful 2021 Sepac stamp is now running, and the common theme illustrated by the small postal administrations in Europe was historical maps. Issued on 25 March, the Åland stamp shows a nautical chart from 1747 of Rödhamn, a group of islets off Mariehamn. For centuries, Rödhamn has served as a sheltered harbour for seafarers, especially at night. Read more about the stamp issue here. 

When you vote, you automatically participate in a draw for three fine prizes:

  • 1st prize: The winner receives an annual pack from the participating postal authorities + the 2021 Sepac folder (total value approx. €600)
  • 2nd prize: The winner may choose any 7 annual packs + the 2021 Sepac folder
  • 3rd prize: The winner may choose any 3 annual packs + the 2021 Sepac folder

You vote by registering on the Sepac homepage alternatively by e-mailing your vote to info@sepacstamps.eu.
Find more information about the voting procedure and view images of the participating stamps on the Sepac competition page.

Cast your vote no later than 31 August 2022.