30 September - Last day for Ödkarby date cancel

Ödkarby postal date cancel

Our postal agent in Ödkarby closes on 30 September. Consequently, this will also be the last day for mail to be cancelled with the Ödkarby date cancel. 

At present, Åland has 19 post offices with designated date cancels and five motif cancels. The postal agent in Ödkarby closes on 30 September and the date cancel will thus be discontinued on this day. You can now choose between the following date cancels : Jomala, Hammarland, Godby, Geta, Föglö, Enklinge, Eckerö, Brändö, Sottunga, Mariehamn, Mariehamn Postterminalen, Lumparland, Lemland, Lappo, Kökar, Kumlinge, Vårdö and Sund.

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