Åland Post celebrates Year of the Ox – View New Year's greeting

Åland oxen

The Chinese New Year 2021 fell on Friday 12th February and marks the start of the Year of the Ox. Together with postal administrations worldwide, Åland Post took part in the celebrations in a news report from Chinese news agency Xinhua. We presented the ‘Oxen’ postage stamp issue, which was released in October 2020 in time for the Year of the Ox and is part of the stamp series illustrating Chinese horoscope animals with an Åland twist.

On 12 February, Chinese news agency Xinhua published the news report, in which various countries and postal administrations informed about and showed their stamp issues relating to the Year of the Ox, on the agency’s homepage and its app that has millions of visitors. In the New Year’s greeting from Åland Post, you can see the various collectible items available for the Åland stamp series. Artist Martin Mörck is behind the miniature sheet, first day cover and two maximum cards that have a special cancellation showing an ancient Chinese character for ox. The miniature sheet illustrates Åland farming of past times when oxen were still commonly used as draft animals, and the illustration is based upon Åland photos from the 1920s.  

You can view the New Year’s celebration here

Visit the webshop to place your order for available collector’s items in the stamp series illustrating Chinese horoscope signs.

The next issue in the stamp series illustrating Chinese zodiac signs will be issued on 20 October 2021, prior to the Year of the Tiger. Even the coming issue has been designed by artist Martin Mörck with calligraphy by Ruizhen Liu.