Åland Post Stamps welcomes Johanna Finne as Marketing Design Manager

^Åland Stamps Marketing Design Manager Johanna Finne

Since 1 September, Johanna Finne works as the new person responsible for the design of Åland stamps and has the creative lead in the production of Åland stamps, an assignm she looks forward to managing and developing. Johanna has been employed by Åland Post since the spring of 2019.


Who are you?
I have a background as a designer and exhibition producer in the culture and museum sectors in Sweden. I grew up in Turku, Finland, and moved to Åland in 2015.

What do you do at Stamps?
As Marketing Design Manager at Stamps I’m responsible for the processes involved in producing stamps from a planning, design and production perspective. My task is to ensure an interesting mix of highest quality and dedication to detail regarding motifs and artistic performance.

What are your expectations for the job?
To manage and develop the storytelling in a small format in cooperation with various creators of images, artists and photographers. I look forward to working together with the knowledgeable and experienced team at Stamps and, of course, to learning more about collecting and our collectors.

How do you view the future of stamps?
Stamps and collecting bring a great deal of joy to many people and at a reasonable cost. The world of philately is knowledge intensive. In that, I see an opportunity to spread the joy of stamps by clearly communicating content, inspiration, creativity and storytelling. Why do we design the products we offer? How do we create them, for whom and how may they be used?

Why are stamps important?
In times when we give priority to other values and new ways of communicating, we must also be allowed to enrich our lives by embracing the sensual and tactile aspects of life. The urges to collect, write, post and create are all aspects of a material culture in which the real items are something significant and meaningful. It is my hope that stamps, to a much higher extent, will be seen as the artwork they actually are and receive greater exposure in the media.