Åland Post's 2020 stamp issuing program offers something for everyone

Åland Post has the pleasure of presenting the 2020 stamp issues, a program that includes sailing ships and the change of the seasons as well as the police and advanced medical equipment.  “The 2020 stamp program holds something for everyone and invites you to explore the Åland province from a variety of perspectives. We have sought to use a mix of traditional forms and more modern elements illustrating both familiar and more unexpected motifs”, Eivor Granberg, Director of postal services, explains.  

3 February

The stamp year sets off with the issue of a new series of franking labels featuring wild flowers. A value of your choice can be printed on the self-adhesive franking labels. Visual artist Carolina Sundelin has painted the lovely flower bouquet consisting of marsh-marigold, brown knapweed, Solomon’s seal and wild pansy, all of which commonly appear in Åland.  

The Sailing ship stamp series will be completed on 3 February. Starting in 2015, artist Allan Palmer wraps up the series with two stamps dedicated to the barquentine Mozart and the four-masted barque Viking representing the last tall ships owned by major Åland shipowners Hugo Lundqvist and Gustaf Erikson. Mozart sailed for Hugo Lundqvist’s shipping company from 1922 to 1935, whereas Viking was purchased by Gustaf Erikson in 1929 and made her last voyage in the Great Grain Race from Australia in 1948.

5 March

On 5 March, Åland Post pays tribute to Åland artist Henrik Nylund (1945–1982), who made a lasting imprint in the Åland worlds of art and culture during his short life. The stamp is an issue in the 2020 series of Sepac stamps jointly issued by the small European postal administrations on the theme artwork in national collection. It shows Nylund’s Sabina triptych from 1976, currently on display at the Parliament of Åland. The 2020 postal stationery cards featuring four of our beloved pet animals are issued on the same day. Åland-born photographer Susanna Hagman accepted the challenge to portray our four most common pet animals: dog, cat, rabbit and budgerigar.  

8 May

On 8 May, we focus on DunderDans, a popular dance school with students from the ages of 7 to 30, run by Erica Dunder from Åland. Photographer Therese Andersson has captured an adorable style study of dancing at one of the annual sell-out shows of DunderDans. The stamp is issued as a mini-sheet within the My Stamps frame, an online facility allowing private persons and companies to create Åland stamps with their own personalized motifs.

This day in May is also when we issue the 2020 Europa stamp. The Åland contribution to the joint theme Ancient postal routes illustrates the Postal Boat Race competition across the Sea of Åland, arranged annually in remembrance of the obligations of the postal peasants to convey the mail. It follows the ancient postal route between Åland and Sweden that was in use until the early 1900s. Photographer David Lundberg from Åland has captured the peasant boats through his lens.

5 June

On 5 June, Åland Post focuses on a world-leading manufacturer of advanced medical and industrial equipment headquartered in Åland. High-tech medical and industrial tubing manufactured by Åland Optinova Group adorn a stamp photographed by Kjell Söderlund. Appearing on the same day is a new stamp in the Nordic stamp series, this time on the joint theme Mammals. The Åland contribution shows the fabled bat and the motif has been printed with fluorescent inks to glow in the dark. In Åland artist Bo Söderlund’s evocative illustration, the nocturnal predator stands out against the familiar silhouette of the Mariehamn City Library. The northern bat is the most common type of bat in Åland.

4 September

The first autumnal issue is scheduled for 4 September, when the Åland police authorities will be presented on a stamp. The Åland police is subordinate to the Government of Åland and is a unit independent of the mainland Finnish police. Graphic designer Sandra Henriksson has created the stamp that features an Åland police van. Appearing on the same day is also the 2020 stamp booklet that presents the four seasons in four photos of the well-known Esplanade, an avenue of lime trees, that has earned Mariehamn the epithet ‘the city of a thousand lime trees’. Photographer Kjell Söderlund shot the photos.

23 October

The last issues of 2020 appear on 23 October. The seventh issue in Åland Post’s series focusing on the Chinese zodiac signs has reached the Year of the Ox. With the 2020 miniature sheet, stamp artist Martin Mörck brings to life Åland farming of old times when oxen were still commonly used as draught animals. The two Christmas stamps tempt you with Christmas drinks and treats; homemade toffee and a cup of spicy aromatic glogg (mulled wine) are obvious elements of Åland Christmas. Illustrator Alexander Lindén made the designs.

Choose your favourite from the 2020 stamps.