Carpenter’s house in Åland voted most beautiful 2019 house stamp

Åland artist Kjell Ekström’s stamp showing an authentic manor house in Önningeby has been chosen as the most beautiful 2019 Sepac stamp in the vote on Sepac’s homepage, where the public could vote for the most beautiful Sepac stamp on the theme Old residential buildings. The SEPAC cooperation between the small European postal administrations issue stamps on a joint theme every year and it is the second time Åland wins the vote.

The Åland stamp received around 27 % of all votes cast. Issued on 9 May 2019, it is designed by Åland artist Kjell Ekström.

The stamp shows the beautiful manor house of the old Jonesas farm in Önningeby, Jomala, and represents a type of carpenter’s house that was common in Åland around the turn of the century 1900; the loft and the porch would have planed wood paneling that was painted in light-green or light-grey oil paint as opposed to the carpentered and unplaned house body would be painted in red ochre.

The vote took place on the homepage of Sepac at between September 2019 and January 2020. Voters could choose between a total of 11 stamps featuring buildings from 11 different regions of Europe, thereby having a chance to take part in the draw for year packs from all participating postal administrations. The stamp issued by Monaco came in second place whereas the stamp issued by the Faroe Islands came in third.

Åland also won the title of most beautiful Sepac stamp in 2014 with the stamp Nettle-leaved bellflower, photographed by Andy Horner.

The 2019 Sepac stamp is available to order in the web shop.