Clubhouse Pelaren allocated 2020 Christmas seals’ grant

Mottagare av julmärksmedel 2020 Klubbhuset Pelaren

Åland Post is pleased to inform that the organization Åland Fountainhouse r.f. – Clubhouse Pelaren is the grantee of the 2020 Christmas seals’ grant of €1500. “From the public, we received several suggestions for recipients of the Christmas seals’ grant, and this is how we learned about Pelaren. We’re pleased to be able to support, in this way, the important work of the organization for people with mental illness”, Eivor Granberg says, business area manager of Åland Post Stamps.

Funds from the sale of Christmas seals are granted to charity every year. This winter, the public could nominate grantees of the financial support. Among the nominees, Åland Post chose Clubhouse Pelaren as receiver of the €1500 grant from the sale of the 2020 Christmas seals in support of their work. Linus Åkerholm, business manager of Clubhouse Pelaren: “Everyone at the clubhouse cheered when we received the news, and we are very grateful to be selected as grantees this time.”

Diploma and flowers were jointly received by, from left, Tommy Eriksson, Rosie Fagerlund and Myra Forsström at Clubhouse Pelaren.

“The grant will be used for activities that unite our members and contribute to their well-being”, Rosie Fagerlund informs us.

About Clubhouse Pelaren

Åland Fountainhouse r.f. – Pelaren is a clubhouse for persons who have or have had mental illness, offering a sense of community as well as meaningful work. Clubhouse Pelaren adheres to the Fountainhouse model and is part of the worldwide organization Clubhouse International.

Help us to help – about the Christmas seals’ grant

With the issue of Christmas seals since 1993, Åland Post supports associations and development projects in Åland that benefit the Åland society. Christmas seals are self-adhesive decorative labels and are sold in sheets of 20 seals at €5/sheet. Funds from the annual sale are distributed as Christmas seals grants. All charitable and non-profit societies and associations in Åland can apply for a grant from the Christmas seal fund.

This year’s Christmas seals on the theme “wintertime acitivites” will be issued on 20 October 2021. This time, the beneficiary will be the Åland Group for Borrelia Research, a network of medical researchers who study tick-borne infectious diseases in Åland, primarily tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) and Lyme borreliosis.

Åland Christmas seals 2020

Last year’s Christmas seals featuring traditional Åland Christmas treats were issued on 23 October 2020 and will be discontinued on 31 May 2021.

Artist: Alexander Lindén.

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