Discover the stories and myths of Europe with this year’s Europa stamps — Vote for your favourite stamp!

Åland 2022 stamp stories and myths sjörået

PostEurop’s annual vote for the most beautiful Europa stamp opened on 9 May. The 2022 theme is stories and myths and, among the stamp issues this year, you will find many enthralling legends and myths from all corners of Europe. Together with PostEurop, Åland Post invites you to rediscover iconic stories and vote for your favourite stamp among all the 2022 Europa issues. 

You are invited to take part in the vote for this year’s most beautiful Europa stamp on the theme stories and myths. Myths and legends have greatly influenced culture and religion in Europe. Studying this year's Europa stamps, you can discover the many different ways in which artists and illustrators have interpreted their country's myriad of fairy tales and legends. 

Issued on 9 May, the Åland Europa stamp shows the “sjörå”, a female water spirit in Åland folklore. A “rå” is a keeper of a specific area, and the sjörå rules the sea and the lakes. The stamp is illustrated by Finnish artist Lasse Harkkala who makes his debut as a stamp artist for Åland Post with this issue.

To join the competition, click on the link below where you will find all participating stamps. Voting ends on 9 September 2022. The result will be announced at PostEurop’s General Assembly in Dublin on 22 October. 

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