Introducing Åland stamp artist Carl-Johan Listherby. Watch the film

Åland stamp Great Northern War

Åland Post Stamps visited Åland artist Carl-Johan Listherby who has designed and handcrafted in paper the stamp commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Great Northern War in Åland. Check out the film with him speaking about his stamp design process. Dive into the making of a postage stamp exploring the historic events covering a war 300 years ago. Stamp and FDC will be available for purchase as of 7 May.  

Carl-Johan Listherby works as a director and commercial designer in Mariehamn and Stockholm. He also designs postage stamps. Listen to him talking about the design process behind the stamp 'Great Northern War 300 years'. The postage stamp commemorates the 300th anniversary of the Great Northern War, one of the worst disasters to hit Åland Islands. For eight years, Åland lay desolate. 

The postage stamp 'Greath Northern War 300 years' is released on 7 May 2021. Buy stamp and first day cover in the web shop. 

Watch the film:


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