New postal tariffs and Åland Post Christmas cancel

Åland 2021 Christmas stamps

The postal tariffs for letters and cards from Åland are adjusted on 22 November 2021. You find the new values of no-value-indicator stamps here. From 22 November you can also obtain the Christmas motif cancel of Åland Post Stamps on your letter and cards. 

The value of no-value-indicator stamps (NVI) with the denomination “Lokalpost” and “Inrikes” changes to €1.90 and €2.00 respectively. The new value of stamps denominated “Europa” will be €2.20, which is the postage for priority cards and letters up to 20 grams to European destinations. The value of stamps with a “Världen” denomination increases to €2.40, which is the new postage for priority letters up to 20 grams and cards to the rest of the world.

You find more information about the new postal tariffs on our website under the heading Postal tariffs.

From 22 November until 31 December you can also obtain the Christmas motif cancel on your self-addressed and pre-franked letters and cards when you send them to Åland Post Stamps. We cancel and post your mail items to the addressee. Please mark the outer envelope “Christmas cancel”.

Deadlines for posting this year’s Christmas mail from Åland are listed on the homepage.

Åland Christmas cancel of Christmas goat for mail