Postcrossing meet-up in Åland on 8 June – special cancellation and customized stamps


If you’re curious about Postcrossing, you should visit the Mariehamn post office on 8 June when Åland Post arranges a special cancellation event in connection with the meet-up in Åland of Finnish Postcrossing Friends. You can order the special cancellation on your own covers already now. The society also produces customized Åland stamps.

Meet a bunch of merry Postcrossers at the Mariehamn post office on 8 June between 11 am and 1 pm.

Place your order for the special cancellation already today by sending your pre-franked and self-addressed letters and cards to Åland Post Stamps. Obtaining the special cancellation is free of charges and you can acquire the cancel on any currently valid Åland stamp.

Prior to their meeting in Åland, the Postcrossing Friends have produced their own customized stamps using the online My Stamps service of Åland Post for personalized Åland stamps. aLocal artist Ammi Krogius has created the stamp motif as well as the special cancel. 

We are pleased to announce that, through a special agreement, you have the possibility to order the customized stamps of Finnish Postcrossing Friends in our web shop until 8 June 2018. 

Please note that these stamps are not included in the official issuing program of Åland Post. 

Did you know that you, too, can create your own personalized stamps from Åland? Read more about it here.