SEPAC conference hosted by Åland Post

2018 Sepac  meeting Åland

The 2018 meeting of the Small European Postal Administrations Co-Operation (SEPAC) was hosted by Åland Post on 12 and 13 June on the island of Silverskär in the Åland archipelago. The SEPAC members were joined by Henrik Lundberg, CEO of Åland Post as well as a representative from security printer Royal Joh. Enschedé.

Voted in this year as Chair for SEPAC, Melanie Gouzinis, Head of Philatelic at Jersey Post explained the purpose of the conference: “The annual conference provides a valued opportunity for the members of SEPAC to meet and discuss mutual challenges, methods and initiatives. Over the years, we have formed solid relationships that enable us to share information and experiences with each other, to ensure that our efforts in developing the philatelic industry and prolonging stamp collecting as a hobby are joined-up, with a common goal to provide beautiful stamps for collectors for years to come.”

At the conference, the members discussed future themes for the Sepac stamps issued by the members each year. Annually, the members also produce a collectable folder, designated by the unique SEPAC logo, and including one stamp from each participating member, which give the opportunity to view Europe from different perspectives on the same subject. The theme 2018 is spectacular views and the stunning Sepac folder 2018 will be available for sale in September.

Some of the previous Sepac folders are still available for purchase in the web shop.

The photo above shows the following SEPAC members during the 2018 conference (left to right):

  • Stefan Erne, Liechtenstein
  • Aaron Enriles (SEPAC Vice-Chair), Gibraltar
  • Gunilla Haggblom, Åland
  • Svanbjorg Manai, Faroe Islands
  • Heidemarie Eriksson, Åland
  • Marica Fabris, Vatican City
  • Melanie Gouzinis (Chair), Jersey Post
  • Pertti Frandsen, Greenland
  • Caroline Ritter, Liechtenstein
  • Anita Haggblom, Åland
  • Mauro Olivieri, Vatican City
  • Eivor Granberg, Åland
  • Emile Espen, Luxembourg
  • Henrik Lundberg, Åland
  • Ingun Olsen (Secretary), Faroe Islands


SEPAC is a co-operation for small postal administrations in Europe. Since 2007, the members issue stamps on a common theme. Currently thirteen countries represented by their Philatelic Bureau are part of SEPAC: Åland, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Vatican City, Malta, Monaco, Greenland and Iceland. For more information, please visit