Stamps focus on the threats to plant and animal life in Europe — Vote for your favourite 2021 stamp

Europa 2021 stamp competition endangered wildlife

On Europe Day 9 May, the PostEurop’s annual vote to select the best design of the 2021 Europa stamps kicked off. With the issue of the 2021 Europa stamps, PostEurop wishes to increase your awareness of the threatened biodiversity of the continent this year. Take part and vote for your favourite stamp.

You’re invited to take part in the stamp campaign that draws attention to threatened wildlife species in Europe. Help spread the message by casting your vote for the best Europa stamp design of the year.

A variety of plant- and wildlife is essential for a living planet but, today, the biodiversity is threatened. Climate changes, wildfires and human activities affecting species and ecosystems have led to a steadily growing number on the Red List of species threatened by extinction. According to statistics from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) more than 2,887 of 15,167 species in Europe are today under threat of extinction. With the issue of this year’s Europa stamps, postal administrations in Europe help draw attention to the problem.

The Åland Europa stamp issued on 7 May illustrates the protected species moor frog (Rana arvalis). The male frog develops a blue tone during breeding. An inventory last year found that the moor frog was the least observed amphibian on the mainland of Åland.

Click on the link below to access the competition and an overview of all participating stamps. Voting runs until 9 September 2021. The result will be published at the end of October.

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