The votes are in! Here’s the loveliest Åland 2018 stamp

The vote for the most beautiful Åland 2018 stamp series has been concluded. Many collectors have cast their vote and several favourites emerged among the ten different stamp issues of last year.

It was an even match but, in the end, the sailing ship series featuring Atlas and Albania came out the winner. Allan Palmer is the artist behind the popular stamp series. His stamps featuring sailing ships Leo and Lemland also won the title as the most beautiful Åland stamp series in 2015.

The contest for second place was even tougher; with a margin of only a few votes, the Beekeeping stamp illustrating a honeybee painted by Torbjörn Östman placed second ahead of the Sepac issue Spectacular views, photographed by Niclas Nordlund.

Lots have been drawn for five prizes among everyone who took part in the vote. The winners will receive their prizes shortly. We thank everyone who submitted their vote and congratulate the winners