Watch and let Åland postage stamps inspire you! More films portraying Åland Post’s stamp artists to come

Graphic designer Annika Rehn Zetterqvist paint Åland postal labels 2022

Explore the art of stamp design with us at Åland Post Stamps. During 2021, we released 3 films introducing three Åland stamps artists, Carl-Johan Listherby, Juha Pykäläinnen and Carolina Sundelin. In the first film of 2022, graphic designer Annika Rehn Zetterqvist speaks about her creative process in designing this year’s franking labels. Join us behind the scenes.

Welcome to a stamp journey of the Åland islands. Receive a unique insight into the design of the Åland stamps.


  • In the first film of the year, Annika Rehn Zetterqvist speaks about her creative process designing the 2022 franking labels “A century of wilfulness”. The labels build on the graphic profile of the Åland centenary celebration.The collection was launched on 1 February 2022.


  • In the first film, Carl-Johan Listherby speaks about his design process for the stamp exploring the historic events of the Great Northern War 300 years ago.
  • In the second film we joined acclaimed Åland stamp artist Juha Pykäläinen in his studio to see how he captured the spirit and beauty of sailing vessels and maritime life in the stamps Tall Ships Races 2021.
  • In the third film, Åland artist Carolina Sundelin shares her inspirations and design process for postal label series Wildflowers, which is included in the stamp book “A story through Åland stamps 2020-2021”.  

All films have English subtitles.

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