Why am I charged for VAT and handling fee for my shipment?


Like the rest of Finland, the province of Åland is part of the EU’s customs territory; however, Åland is not part of the EU’s value-added-tax and excise-duty area. Consequently, Åland is counted as third country in trade with other EU-countries. When dealing with an area that does not belong to the EU’s fiscal territory, you must make customs declarations, and you are therefore liable to pay VAT on goods from Åland. In addition, your post office may charge a processing fee. For more information, you can contact the postal services or customs office in your country.

For deliveries to Finland , Åland Post today automatically collects VAT in accordance with current tax regulations. Åland Post also collects VAT on all deliveries to Norway, regardless of value, when applicable in accordance with current rules.

The customs authorities in many countries apply a minimum value for low value shipments, for which they do not collect VAT.

Please note! As of 1 July 2021, the VAT rules for e-commerce to the EU from third countries will change; as of this date, all goods, regardless of value, must be cleared through customs. 

All our product prices are always stated free of VAT.