What do the terms Lokalpost, Inrikes, Europa, Världen and Julpost signify?


Most stamps have a monetary value printed on them. Non-denominated stamps are designated Lokalpost, Inrikes, Europa, Världen or Julpost. The value of a non-demoninated stamp is determined by the currently valid postage tariffs.This means that the value of non-denominated stamps increases when postage tariffs increase. The terms equal a pre-set postage value as follows:

  • Lokalpost (local mail): priority mail within Åland, max. weight 50 gram.
  • Inrikes (domestic): priority mail to Finland, max. weight 50 gram.
  • Europa (Europe): Priority mail to the Nordic countries and Europe, max. weight 20 gram.
  • Världen (the world): Priority mail to international destinations, max. weight 20 gram.
  • Julpost (Christmas postage): Christmas greetings to destinations in Åland and Finland , max. weight 20 gram, at a reduced rate during a limited period of time in November and December. The stamps may be used as postage the entire year. The postage value of the stamp is based on the most recent Christmas postage tariff.