May I keep a lump sum balance in my customer account for coming deliveries? How do I make payments to my account?


Yes, you can keep a positive balance in your customer account for pending or future deliveries. Account statements will be provided upon request, but you can easily check your account balance via the link Login on the home page. You find your latest invoice number in the top right corner of your latest delivery slip.

  • We recommend customers in Åland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany to make bank transfers to our account in the respective country. Ask your bank about SEPA transfers. When making the transfer, please observe the following: Customers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway must state the reference number of your latest invoice (OCR no., KID-no.) Customers in Germany and other European countries must state the customer number. We recommend our European customers to make SEPA bank transfers to our international bank account with OP Corporate Bank in Finland.
  • Credit/debit card payments can be performed online using the safe and encrypted link, easily accessed directly from our home page. Observe that Åland Post Stamps does not have access to your card details. You can save your card details with our payment service provider NETS in connection with an online payment by card. We will also charge your VISA or MasterCard manually; inform us of your details by phone, fax or letter. Note that we never keep your card details on file.