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Price list for cancellations and other services

Åland Post Stamps offers a number of philatelic services, some of which are cancellation to order, affixing of postage and addressing of mail items. Please find below an overview and price list for the different types of services that apply as of 2 February 2021.


Service Price
Cancellation of self-addressed and pre-franked letters and cards *Note!

No charges for up to 2 different date cancels/submission*. For subsequent cancellations: €1.90/post office

Cancellation of individual stamps with Mariehamn or Mariehamn-Post terminal date cancel

€0.10/stamp + return postage


Cancellation of individual stamps, different post office cancels 

€0.10/stamp + €1.90 €/post office
+ return postage

Affixing of postage to covers/cards


Printing of franking labels of a value less than €1.00


Handwritten addressing of mail items


How to do:

Send your covers and cards to us for cancellation with your instructions and contact details as well as any customer number. Any services will be invoiced and the invoice will be posted to you after treatment.

The motifs of the various date cancels and motif cancels to choose from can be viewed here.

Address: Åland Post  Stamps, Postbox 1100, AX-22111 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland

Questions? Contact us at: 

*Note! We will cancel philatelically up to 30 pre-franked and self-addressed cards and letters submitted in one batch free of charge. You will be charged €0.10/item that exceeds 30 mail items/submission.

Order all post office and motif cancellations Price
Submission of 22 pre-franked covers.
Cancellation only 
Submission of 22 covers for franking and cancellation

€25 + affixing €0.15/stamp + postage

Order for 22 covers for franking and cancellation €25 + cover á €1.00/cover + postage

Åland Post Stamps reserves the right to change the above conditions.