Choose year set for all Åland 2021 stamps

Åland 2021 postage stamp year set

Order the Åland stamp year set in the webshop. The year set holds all postage stamps issued in 2021, including two miniature sheets, a booklet, and a series of franking labels featuring songbirds. The beautifully illustrated year set offers you a lovely setting for the stamp year, making it easy for you to collect Åland stamps.

The dramatic cover illustration of the year set is inspired by the stamp Satellite meteorology issued on 25 March. The stamp year set holds a complete collection of the annual stamp issues featuring everything under the sun. It is also an example of excellent craftmanship, seeing that all stamps and mounts have been mounted by hand in the custom-made folder.

The fact register lists the name, date of issue and artist of the issues in English, Swedish, Finnish and German.

Date of issue20 October 2021