Christmas seals support food and cat projects in Åland

Christmas seals Åland

24 October sees the issue of the decorative 2019 Christmas seals from Åland Post. Funds from the sale of them are always granted to charity. This year’s sale supports people as well as animals in Åland. The two beneficiaries will be the Foodbank and the Cat Care Association.  Water colour artist Anette Gustafsson created the picturesque winter scenery on the seals.

Issued by Åland Post since 1993, Christmas seals are labels used as decoration on Christmas cards and parcels. The profit of the sale is a welcome and important contribution to non-profit Åland projects.

Since 2015, the Cat Care Association helps homeless and feral cats in Åland to gain a better and healthier life. The long-term goal is to sharply reduce the population of feral cats which currently counts thousands. The Christmas seal grant will help to finance a castration project, which is based upon the TNR program (trap-neuter-return). TNR involves the live-trapping of feral cats in cat colonies around Åland. The cats are ear-tipped, desexed and dewormed before being released back into their territory.

The second beneficiary of this year’s Christmas seals sale is the Foodbank, started in 2010 as a co-operation between the parish of Mariehamn, Save the Children - Åland, the Social Mission, the Mission Covenant Church and the Pentecostal Church. The Foodbank helps people in Åland, who are in current financial crisis, with food and other necessities, mainly by way of donations. The Christmas seal grant will be used for the purchase of groceries.

The self-adhesive Christmas seals are sold in sheets of 20 seals, and this year’s illustrations feature picturesque winter scenery, completing the lovely 2019 Christmas stamps on a snow crystal theme. Both Christmas seals and stamps are designed by Swedish water colour artist Anette Gustafsson.

Date of issue24 October 2019
ArtistAnette Gustafsson
Edition4000 sheets of 20 self-adhesive seals
Seal size30,6 x 25,8 mm
Sheet size210 x 145 mm
PaperJac-Chromo Gloss 90 g/m²
Printing method4-colour offset
Printing houseGrano