Collect the 2020 postage stamp year with Åland Post’s year set

Åland postage stamp year set

Order the 2020 stamp year set from Åland in the web shop. The year set holds all stamps issued in 2020, including booklet, miniature sheet and mini-sheet as well as a series of franking labels featuring wildflowers. The year set offers you a mixture of traditional and modern stamp issues featuring both familiar and more unexpected motifs.

Sailing ships, the change of the seasons, bats, the police and advanced medical equipment are some of the subjects featured on stamps in the 2020 year set. The stamps are inserted in a sturdy and durable cover, and a fact register lists the artist behind the motif as well as the name and the date of issue of each stamp in English, German, Swedish and Finnish.

The stylish cover of the 2020 year set from Åland Post is adorned by young dancers from the Dunderdans dance school, a stamp motif issued in the form of a mini-sheet on 8 May.


Date of issue23 October 2020