Collect the annual stamp products from Åland

A reliable indication that autumn is approaching is the appearance of annual packs from Åland Post Stamps. The annual packs of first day covers, special cancellations, exhibition cards and exhibition stamps are issued to facilitate for Åland collectors. The packs are equally well suited as presents. You will find a presentation of the various stamp packs below.

2018 FDC year set

The 2018 FDC year set holds ten lovely illustrated first day covers as well as the four postal stationery cards that feted Åland Midsummer celebrations. The postal stationery cards are cancelled with their own exquisite first day cancel.

2018 Special cancellations

Seven special cancellations focus on some of the postal events in Åland over the year. Some of the special cancellations in this year’s pack observe the Postal Boat Race, the meet-up in Åland of Finnish Postcrossing Friends and the 25th anniversary of Åland Post.  The seven standard covers from Åland Post are franked with Åland stamps and cancelled with the various special cancellations.

2018 Exhibition cards

A philatelic experience is what we offer with this year’s exhibition cards well worth collecting.  Swedish artist Lars Sjööblom has illustrated this fascinating series of 14 different music instruments. To create an illusion of engraving, he drew them in Indian ink. Each card also has the respective exhibition stamp which has been cancelled with the adhering exhibition cancel.

2018 Exhibition stamps

You can also collect this year’s exhibition stamps featuring a detail of the various music instruments. The exhibition stamps are produced using the My Stamps facilities, a service offered by Åland Post to create your own customized stamps. They are printed on a pre-designed mini-sheet and hold 8 stamps per sheet. You can collect the stamps in packs of complete sets of exhibition stamp sheets or as a bag of individual exhibition stamps, one stamp from each exhibition.

2018 FDC year set : Date of issue1 November 2018
2018 Special cancellations: Date of issue7 November 2018
2018 Exhibition cards: Date of issue8 November 2018
2018 Exhibitions stamps: Date of issue8 November .2018
Price€168.0014 mini-sheets
Price€21.00/ 14 individual stamps