Collect FDCs from Åland - unique first day covers for this year’s stamps

Åland FDCs 2021 pack

Collect the covers and cancellations exclusively designed for the first day of issue of the new stamps. Each first day cover complements the stamp issue. Look back on the stamp year 2021 with the annual pack of first day covers. Order the pack in the webshop.

Buy your 2021 FDC year set in the webshop. This year’s pack holds thirteen illustrated first day covers and four postal stationery cards on a Spring verdure theme. Debuting artist Anna Handell from Sweden has designed both cards and cancels. You will recognize her lively style in the songbirds featured on this year’s series of franking labels with first day cover and cancel.

With the exception of the first day covers for the issues Åland 100 years, Tall Ships Races and Tiger cat that measure 200 x 140 mm, the standard format of Åland first day covers is 175 x 155 mm.

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Date of issue20 October 2021