Discover the Åland Islands behind the stamps in new stamp book

Åland stamp yearbook

24th October sees the publication of a new and fresh edition of Åland Post’s popular stamp book titled “Ålands frimärken berättar 2018–2019” (A story through Åland stamps). Holding the stamp issues of two years, this hardback coffee-table-book offers encounters with passionate enthusiasts and interesting entrepreneurs, illustrated with fantastic photos of the fascinating Åland scenery.

Based on the stamp themes of the latest two years, Åland Post’s stamp book is intended for anyone with an inquisitive mind who wants to know Åland beyond its stamps as well as collect the valuable stamps.

Director Eivor Granberg is pleased to present this year’s edition:

“The stamp book is the flag ship of our collectible items, allowing us to tell the story of Åland for collectors and friends of Åland through the stamp motifs. We have put great emphasis on creating an interesting and visually attractive book that is also pure craftsmanship, with all stamps mounted in plastic pockets and affixed in the book by hand.”

The texts cover widely varying themes such as bee-keeping, maritime know-how, Nordic skating and house refurbishment. Encounters with Ålanders of considerable enthusiasm and great passion for their hobbies and work run like a silver thread through the book. Among other stories, we hear about Uno Ekblom, the daredevil who crossed the Atlantic Ocean, we stroll through nature reserve Herröskatan and meet newly established bee-keepers and veteran motorcycle enthusiasts.

This fourteenth edition of the stamp book was produced in cooperation with local bureau of communication Strax. A driving force behind the renewed and modernized layout of the book was Sandra Henriksson, designer of the Åland 2018 Europa stamp featuring the Bomarsund bridge. The Swedish texts were authored by freelance writer Helena Forsgård from Åland. Each chapter concludes with an ample summary in English, German and Finnish.  

The book holds all stamps, miniature sheets, booklets and franking labels issued in 2018 and 2019, the nominal value of which totals €87.00.

Date of issue24 October 2019
Number of pages102 pages