Discover first day covers; uniquely designed covers and cancellations for this year’s Åland stamps

first day covers 2021 from Åland

Review the 2020 stamp year by collecting the covers and post marks designed exclusively for the day of issue of the new stamps. Each first day cover tells you more about the stamp issue. Study the sailing ships under full sail or recall sitting on a park bench in the Esplanade during spring. The annual set of first day covers facilitates your collecting activities and is also a perfect gift for a collecting friend. Order the pack in the web shop.

The 2020 FDC year set holds eleven illustrated first day covers and four postal stationery cards featuring the pet species cat, dog, budgerigar and rabbit. The unique first day cancel of the postal stationery cards shows the footprints of the pets.

Among other FDCs in the pack, you’ll find that of the sailing ship stamps featuring vessels Mozart and Viking. Both sailing ships are portrayed with their sails unfurled on both sides of the cover. The first day cancel shows a seaman at the helm.  You who wish to see more of Åland artist Henrik Nylund’s artwork will find it on the first day cover of the 2020 Sepac stamp. The front of the cover shows an ink drawing for the work Solar eclipse from 1972, and the back shows the 1981 mural Outlook, currently on display at the Åland Cultural History Museum.

All first day covers are eye candy for your collection, and the FDC year set is a wise choice for anyone wishing to acquire a complete collection of the annual letter art.

The standard format of Åland first day covers is 175 x 155 mm except for the cover for the Oxen miniature sheet that measures 200 x 140 mm.

You will also find FDC year sets from previous years in the web shop.

Date of issue23 October 2020