Enjoy stamp art from Åland and artist Allan Palmer

Allan Palmer Åland stamps

Enjoy stamp art from the hands of popular artist and skipper Allan Palmer, who has created multiple memorable Åland stamp motifs. Take the chance to own this unique postage stamp collection. 

The thematic pack holds all postage stamp issues that Allan Palmer has created for Åland Post. 31 stamps are included in the pack, among them all his sailing ship stamps and the beautiful stamp booklets with Åland lighthouses, issued in 1992, and the 1995 cargo vessels of the archipelago. His artistic diversity is also visible in the lovely 1989 flower stamps as well as in the pretty postage stamps with Åland folk dresses, issued in 1993. 

  • 1988: Albanus, Ingrid and Pamir
  • 1989: Elder-flowered Orchid, Narrow-leaved Helleborine and Lady’s Slipper
  • 1992: Åland lighthouses (booklet)
  • 1993: Folk costume of Saltvik, folk costumes of Brändö, Mariehamns and Eckerö and folk costume of Finström
  • 1995: Cargo vessels of the archipelago (booklet)
  • 1998: Sea Brigade camp
  • 2000: ”Hladver Lange”
  • 2015: Leo and Lemland
  • 2016: Altai and Pehr Brahe
  • 2017: Mermerus and Mariehamn
  • 2018: Albania and Atlas
  • 2019: Vineta and Parma
  • 2020: Mozart and Viking


Thematic packAllan Palmer