Get in the mood with the 2021 Christmas stamps from Åland

Åland 2021 Christmas stamps

On 20 October, Åland Post issues this year’s two Christmas stamps illustrating things that will put you in a Christmas mood, such as Christmas presents and carols. Stamp debuting illustrator Rebecca Elfast from Sweden has designed the charming stamps: “I wanted the stamps to be playful, in strong and merry colours that may not be entirely the traditional Christmas colours”.

How do you obtain the Christmas spirit? Artist Rebecca Elfast pondered on this question as she set out to design this year’s Christmas stamps. She chose some of the things that she herself appreciates

about Christmas:

“I enjoy all the preparations for Christmas, the music, the ornaments and the food. With a three-year-old at home, Christmas crafts have become a key activity. Of course, I want her early memories of Christmas to be just as lovely and magical as mine! Otherwise, family is most important, getting together, socializing, and sharing a good time. The Christmas stamps are about things that contribute to a cosy Christmas spirit; carols, togetherness, a decorated tree with nice presents underneath, and tangled strings of lights.”

With the 2020 Christmas stamps, Rebecca makes her debut as a stamp artist.

“Designing stamps has always been a dream assignment to me. I’ve not collected stamps, but I always keep track of the Swedish collections and am particularly delighted when I get pretty stamps on my mail”.

Åland 2021 FDC Christmas

Order the stamps and first day cover at, by letter to Åland Post Stamps, PO box 1100, AX-22111 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland, by e-mail to or by telephone +358 18 636 641.

Date of issue20 October 2021
ArtistRebecca Elfast
DesignSofia Valtersson/Strax
Editions130 000 & 80 000
DenominationsJulpost & Världen
Stamp size36 x 25,5 mm
Sheet size2 x 20 stamps
Paper110 g/m²
Perforation13 per 2 cm
Printing process5-colour offset
Printing houseCartor Security Printing