Heritage collection – unique art posters from Åland Post’s stamp archives

Åland stamps art posters fishing boat, tufted duck and archipelago

Åland Post introduces a new collection of art posters with hand-picked motifs from the Åland stamp archives. The wall art collection Heritage collection consists of three posters presenting authentic stamp originals by Eeva Oivo and Pirkko Vahtero, two of the most prominent Finnish stamp artists. The collection has a limited edition, and the posters are available in two different sizes. Give away a piece of Åland as a gift or decorate your home with timeless stamp art.

We have dug deep in Åland Post’s archives of stamp art treasures and selected three classic motifs for an exquisite collection of posters called Heritage collection. For the selection, we enjoyed the help of Åland collectors who responded to our online survey in the summer of 2021.

The three motifs show Outer archipelago (1985) and Tufted duck (1987) by Eeva Oivo, and Pirkko Vahtero’s Fishing boat motif issued in 1986.

Eeva Oivo (1927–2020) has engraved and designed a large number of Finnish banknotes and stamps. Issued in September 1985, Outer archipelago was one in a series of nature scenery from Åland. The illustration shows the barren archipelago island Kökar. The stamp featuring Tufted duck is from the last series she created for Åland, including waterfowl Common eider and Velvet scoter. The series was issued on 2 January 1987.

Pirkko Vahtero (1936) has designed over 140 Finnish stamps and is the artist behind the fishing boat motif. She is best known for the series of Åland churches and the anniversary stamp Åland Autonomy 75 years from 1997. Her stamp designs have been chosen as the most beautiful of the year several times. This Fishing boat motif was issued on 2 January 1986.

The art posters have a limited edition of 300 copies and are printed in Finland on FSC-certified high-quality paper. The posters in A4 format (21 × 29.7 cm) are packed by hand in a protective foil pocket with stable packaging. Included with each poster is a label with information in Swedish and English about the motif. Each motif is also available as posters in size 50 × 70 cm. Delivered in a cardboard tube, the edition of the larger posters is only 20 copies.

Date of issue1 December 2021
ArtistsEeva Oivo & Pirkko Vahtero
FormatsA4 (21x29.7 cm) & 50x70cm
Prices€18 (A4) & €49 (50x70)
EditionsA4: 300 pcs & 50x70cm: 20 pcs
PaperScandia 2000, 170 g