Olympic sports on Åland exhibition cards and stamps, a souvenir of a cancelled year

Åland exhibition cards Olympic sports

Due to the Corona-pandemic, both stamp exhibitions and the Olympic Games in Tokyo were called off. Åland Post still wishes to offer you the possibility to collect the exhibition series featuring Olympic sports. As a souvenir of the 2020 exhibition year that was cancelled, you can now order the packs of exhibition cards and exhibition stamps in the web shop.

Every year, we at Åland Post look forward to meeting and greeting new as well as existing stamp collectors at a number of stamp exhibitions. For each exhibition, we produce a special exhibition card and stamp on a joint theme that relates to the various exhibition cities and countries.

Paying tribute to the Olympic year, the theme chosen for the 2020 exhibition series was Olympic sports. As it were, however, 2020 turned out not to be an ordinary year. Seeing that cards and stamps are produced in good time before the exhibition season starts, the entire series of exhibition products had already been produced when information reached us that all public events must be cancelled.  Consequently, Åland Post decided to offer you the possibility to collect the spectacular 2020 exhibition series in its entirety.

The artist behind the exhibition series is Catharina Nygård, who has illustrated the Olympic sports sailing, fencing, wrestling, javelin throw, show jumping and pole vault.  For Åland Post Catharina has previously designed other collectibles: the 2016 exhibition series featuring fountains and the 2011 beach volleyball stamp. 

Date of issue22 October 2020
ArtistCatharina Nygård
Price exhibition cards€15.00
Price exhibition stamps, mini-sheets€96.00
Price exhibition stamps, individual stamps€12.00