See multicoloured northern lights on Åland stamp


8 March sees a stamp issue by Åland Post featuring the fascinating luminous phenomenon aurora borealis. The chance of experiencing Nordic lights in Åland is pretty good from mid-August to April when nights are dark. Ålander Ingmar Eriksson, experienced photographer of northern lights, captured the colourful scenery in the stamp photo.

Auroras appear when sun particles collide with the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in the emission of light of varying colour and appearing in many forms such as arcs, rippling curtains or rays.

Photographer Ingmar Eriksson of Mariehamn is often out at night, up to 40 times in a year, to catch the northern lights. The stamp motif was shot on a late December night with the Notvik Tower, located in Sund near the Bomarsund fortress, appearing in the foreground. An excellent location to catch the luminous phenomenon, Ingmar reveals, explaining that heights with a clear view towards the north offer the best chance to see the lights. Albeit an experienced photographer with photography as a hobby for more than 40 years, this is Ingmar’s first stamp for Åland Post. He also chairs the Åland photo club Obscura.

Date of issue8 March 2019
PhotographerIngmar Eriksson
Edition100 000
Price FDC€2.50
Stamp size40 x 26,6 mm
Sheet size2 x 16 stamps
Paper102 g/m²
Perforation13 per 2 cm
Printing method4-colour offset
Printing houseSouther Colour Print