Time for a new catalogue presenting Åland stamps and collectibles


In this updated edition, the popular stamp and product catalogue from Åland Post presents all Åland stamps and collectibles issued from 1984 until and including 2017. 

Now available to order in the web shop, Åland Post’s new and updated stamp and product catalogue supplies you with a quick and practical oversight of Åland as a collector’s area. All stamps and franking labels issued by Åland Post from 1984 until and including 2017 are presented in text and images. Also included is information of other types of collectibles such as year books, collector’s sheets, maximum cards, Christmas seals, model cars and euro coin sets. 

As a new feature, the catalogue also presents images of all exhibition stamps and other special editions such as the Cup and Liiga Championship stamps from 2015 and 2016, produced using our online facilities for creating personalized Åland stamps.

Number of pages102
Price24,00 €