Vineta and Parma in turn for Åland sailing ship stamp series

Issued on 1 February 2019 is the fifth and last but one issue in the sailing ship stamp series. Sailing ships remained popular in Åland between the wars. Two of them, the schooner Vineta and 4-masted barque Parma, are brought back to life by artist Allan Palmer’s stamps.   

After World War I, seaborne trade enjoyed a boom that provided an opportunity for a short-lived renaissance of the building of sailing vessels in Åland. The largest Åland peasant shipping company of the inter-war period was Varvs- & Rederi Ab Viking founded in Saltvik in 1917. Three-masted schooner Vineta was the only new-building of the company, and she was launched in November 1919. Having sailed the Baltic and North Seas for eight years, she ran aground in a winter storm and wrecked just off Swedish island of Gotland. In the same year 1927, the Viking company was dissolved when the board deemed the era of smaller sailing ships over. The artist’s illustration of Vineta, with rain-soaked sails in a dead calm, being overhauled by a fully loaded steamship, is a reminder of the new times.

Four-masted barque Parma is famous for having made the fastest ever voyage in the 1900s from Australia to England; in 1933, the passage to England took only 83 days with Captain de Cloux at the rudder. In 1931, the captain had formed one of the last co-ownerships of Åland to acquire Parma from shipowner F. Laeisz of Hamburg. She was built in Glasgow in 1902 as Arrow. On the stamp, Allan has illustrated Parma on her record passage, sails unfurled and making 12-15 knots heading for the Cape Horn. The sailing era of the ship ended abruptly following an accident in Glasgow in 1936.

Also available are two maximum cards featuring traditional ship’s portraits and a set of collector’s sheets with background information about each vessel as well as the stamps in first day cancelled condition. An album holding all previously issued collector’s sheets in this stamp series may be ordered from Åland Post Stamps. The limited edition is 1500 albums.

Date of issue1. February 2019
ArtistAllan Palmer
Editions2 x 110 000
Denominations1,40 € & 1,60 €
Price FDC€3.80
Stamp sizes40 x 30 mm
Sheet sizes2 x 12 stamps
Paper110 g/m²
Perforation12 per 2 cm
Printing method4-colour offset
Printing houseBpost