This year’s Åland stamp book a tribute to stamp art

Åland Post book A story through Åland stamps 2020-2021

On 20 October, Åland Post publishes its new stamp book A story through Åland stamps 2020–2021. This coffee table edition holds all stamps issued during a two-year period, carefully mounted by hand. Step into the world of stamps and follow us on a visual journey across Åland. Genuine postage stamps and photographs illustrate hearty and intimate portraits of artists, politicians, immigrants, and teens. For the first time, we include a unique numbered and signed graphic sheet not otherwise available.

Åland Post is pleased to launch the fifteenth edition of the hardback stamp book "A Story through Åland stamps". The exquisite, limited edition coffee table book addresses a local as well as an international audience with a curiosity of Åland and an appreciation of stamps as a form of art. The book offers a unique insight into the craft behind the stamps. The book cover illustration was photographed in artist Carolina Sundelin’s studio, who holds one of her works of art for the Wildflowers series.

The cover sets the tone of the contents of insightful and heartfelt stories. The book presents a gallery of voices from the art and culture scene in Åland, from the top management of society to people on the work floor of company Optinova and third generation farmers. Tiina Tahvanainen’s expressive photographs animate the stories and places.

For the first time, you also receive a bonus product that is only available as part of the book: a custom made graphic sheet of the FDC illustration for the sailing ships Mozart and Viking, numbered and signed by artist Allan Palmer.

Stamp enthusiasts will find detailed facts about each issue. All stamps issued in 2020 and 2021 have been carefully mounted and affixed in the book by hand.


Date of issue20 October 2021
Number of pages77
TextsSwedish, Finnish, English and German
Containss 19 stamps, 3 miniature sheets, 2 booklets, 2 series of franking labels, 1 mini-sheet & 1 graphic sheet