This year’s Nordic issue from Åland focuses on Atlantic salmon

Focus lies on Nordic species of fishes as the series of stamps from the Nordic postal administrations continues. Salmon has been of great importance to professional fishing in Åland. On 13 March, Åland Post issues a stamp flaunting a silvery Atlantic salmon designed by well-known Swedish artist Lars Sjööblom.

The Atlantic salmon (salmo salar) is a silver coated species with X-shaped, black spots on its oblong, fusiform body. It also goes by the name Baltic salmon. The Baltic population of the Atlantic salmon mainly feeds on Baltic herring and fry, making its flesh white to pale yellow as opposed to the slightly pink flesh of the Atlantic population.

Salmon fishing has been a significant source of income for commercial Åland fishermen, above all in the 1960s and 1970s. The fishermen would combine net fishing of salmon with trawling of herring and sprat, but fishing boats were soon to be specialized. Featured on the first day cover is a boat especially constructed for salmon fishing by a local ship yard in Geta. In the early 1990s, salmon fishing was strictly limited and drift net fishing was prohibited in 2008. Åland commercial fishing of today comprises small-scale coastal and archipelago fishing concentrating on fresh water species and, to a lesser extent, on herring, salmon and cod.


Date of issue13.3.2018
ArtistLars Sjööblom
Edition130 000
Denomination Inrikes (1,50 €)
Price FDC2,25 €
Stamps size40,2 x 27,6 mm
Sheet size2 x 16 stamps
Paper110 g/m2
Perforation12 per 2 cm
Printing method 4-colour offset + metal FX
Printing houseBpost