Åland motif cancels

In addition to post office cancellations, Åland Post also uses the following motif cancellations:

Eckerö post- och tullhus/Post and Customs House (in use all year)

Kastelholms slott/Kastelholm Castle (in use all year)

Hammarland Märket/Lighthouse (in use all year)

Mariehamns Camping (in use 2 May-31 August)

Christmas (in use from  around 20 November- 31 December)


Order post office and motif cancellations

19 post office date cancels and 5 motif cancels are in use in the Åland Islands. You can order all these cancellations by choosing one of the following three alternatives:

1. Send us 23 pre-franked covers, minimum postage Priority. We cancel them.

2. Send us 23 covers. We affix stamps and cancel them.

3. Buy your covers from us at €1.00/cover. We affix stamps and cancel them.


Alternative 1 costs €25.00 (handling charge). The handling charge remains the same and is not affected by the number of sets you order.
For the price for alternatives 2 and 3, please get in touch with staff at Åland Post Stamps.

Postage fees

Åland: €1.70,  Finland €1.80, Nordic countries, Europe €2.00 and rest of the world: €2.20.


If you wish to order post office and motif cancellations, please contact us.

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