Åland motif cancels

In addition to post office cancellations, Åland Post also offers cancellation of motif cancellations:

Motif cancellations (five different motifs)

Eckerö post- och tullhus/Post and Customs House (in use all year)

Kastelholms slott/Kastelholm Castle (in use all year)

Hammarland Märket/Lighthouse (in use all year)

Mariehamns Camping (in use 2 May-31 August)

Christmas (in use from  around 22 November- 31 December)

Åland Christmas cancel

Post office cancellations (18 different date cancels)

These are available to choose from: Jomala, Hammarland, Godby, Geta, Föglö, Enklinge, Eckerö, Brändö, Sottunga, Mariehamn, Mariehamn Postterminalen, Lumparland, Lemland, Lappo, Kökar, Kumlinge, Vårdö och Sund.

Please note! Ödkarby date cancel was discontinued on 30 September 2021. 

Datumstämplar Åland Post

How to order post office and motif cancellations

Send your covers and cards to us for cancellation with your instructions and contact details as well as any customer number.

Address: Åland Post Stamps, Postbox 1100, AX-22111 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland

Price list: You find the prices for different types of cancellations here.

Questions? Contact us at: stamps@alandpost.com

How to order a complete set of Åland cancellations

if you wish to keep a collection of all Åland post office date cancels, including motif cancels,  you can order these cancellations by choosing one of the following three alternatives:

  1. Send us 22 pre-franked covers. The covers need to be affixed with minimum postage for Priority. We cancel your covers and post them to you in outer cover.
  2. Send us 22 covers. We affix stamps, cancel them and post them to you in an outer cover.
  3. Order covers from us at €1.00/cover. We affix stamps, cancel them and post them to you in an outer cover.

Alternative 1 costs €25.00 for delivery and order fulfilment. The charge remains the same and is not affected by the number of sets you order. An invoice will be posted to you after treatment. 

For the price for alternatives 2 and 3, please get in touch with staff at Åland Post Stamps.

Postage fees

Åland: €1.90,  Finland €2.00, Nordic countries, Europe €2.20 and rest of the world: €2.40.

Find our contact details here