Special cancellations 2019

Below, please find a list of the special cancels that you can obtain on your self-addressed and pre-franked covers and cards this year. The special cancellation is free of charges and may be used on any currently valid Åland stamp.

Please send your covers to us in good time prior to the date of your preferred cancellation date. At the end of the year, you can also purchase a complete pack of all the special cancellations of the year.


1.2. Sailing ships

9.5. National birds

6.6. Postcrossing


15.6. Postal boat race

26.7. Prehistoric Viking society Fornföreningen Fibula on Åland 20 years

9.8. IFK Mariehamn 100 years

9.10. Stamp day


24.10. Mice


23.11. #barnrättåland2019, Save the Children Åland