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Here, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our service.

Stamps & other collectibles

No. Stamps without a currency indicator, i.e. stamps with the denomination in Finnish mark, are no longer valid as postage. Åland stamps currently valid as postage are:

  • Stamps with dual currency indicator, i.e. mk and €
  • Stamps with the currency indicator €
  • Stamps denominated 1 klass (1st cl), 2 klass (2nd cl) and Julpost (Christmas postage)
  • Stamps denominated Lokalpost (local), Inrikes (domestic), Europa and Världen (worldwide)

Most stamps have a monetary value printed on them. Non-denominated stamps are designated Lokalpost, Inrikes, Europa, Världen or Julpost. The value of a non-demoninated stamp is determined by the currently valid postage tariffs.This means that the value of non-denominated stamps increases when postage tariffs increase. The terms equal a pre-set postage value as follows:

  • Lokalpost (local mail): priority mail within Åland, max. weight 50 gram.
  • Inrikes (domestic): priority mail to Finland, max. weight 50 gram.
  • Europa (Europe): Priority mail to the Nordic countries and Europe, max. weight 20 gram.
  • Världen (the world): Priority mail to international destinations, max. weight 20 gram.
  • Julpost (Christmas postage): Christmas greetings to destinations in Åland and Finland , max. weight 20 gram, at a reduced rate during a limited period of time in November and December. The stamps may be used as postage the entire year. The postage value of the stamp is based on the most recent Christmas postage tariff. 

You will find the postage tariffs here

Scroll down for information on non-denominated stamp values.

Please send your suggestions to the attention of The Stamp Committee at: Åland Post, PO box 1100, AX-22111 MARIEHAMN, ÅLAND. You may also send them to us by e-mail to

A special cancel is a postal cancel that may be used to cancel a currently valid Åland stamp. An exhibition cancel is an additional cachet used to commemorate an event and is placed beside the postal cancellation on the stamp. 

Older books were written mainly in Swedish with a résumé in English, German and Finnish for each chapter. As of the 2020-2021 edition, all chapters are written in Swedish, English, German and Finnish.

Yes, they can. The postage paid imprint on the address side of the card means that it may be posted from Åland to any destination in the world without additional postage.

The postcards have proven to be much more popular and sought-after than aerograms and postal letters. Consequently, we are issuing only postal stationery postcards until further notice.

Yes, we do. However, our stock of Åland kiloware is very limited. The current limitation per order in the web shop is 5 packets. We also sell small packets of Finnish kiloware.

Order stamp kiloware in the web shop

Our model cars and vans are popular among collectors. The first model van was issued in 1998 and the series reached its end with model van no. 35 in 2017. The latest model car series with nostalgia cars was issued between 2017 and 2019.

You find all model cars currently for sale in the web shop. 

You can find older Åland stamps in our thematic collections, available to order in the web shop where you will also find a list of contents of each collection.

To the web shop

Yes, My stamps may be used as postage just like other Åland stamps and, as such, they must be posted in Åland to be valid. You can send your letters/postcards in a franked outer cover to Åland Post Stamps, and we will cancel and post them from Åland without additional charges.

A minimum order is 1 set consisting of 2 mini-sheets of 8 stamps each, totalling 16 stamps. 


Your photo must be in jpg-format, minimum pixels 640 x 480. The size of file should not supersede 1.5 megabytes.

At present, Åland Post does not sell euro coin sets. Between 2008 and 2018, Åland Post issued a collector’s set that held the entire annual coinage of Finnish euro coins, i.e. the 1-, 2-, 5-, 10-, 20- and 50-cent coins as well as the 1- and 2-euro coins. In addition to the coins, the exquisite set also included an Åland stamp. Besides the annual euro coin sets, sets of commemorative coins with an Åland connection have been issued, in 2011, 2013 and 2014. 

Standing order subscription & deliveries

You can check your current account details via Login; however, you cannot make any subscription changes. For subscription changes, please contact us by e-mail, phone or letter. However, through your online account, you can now change your delivery address.

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No, that is not possible. Åland Post must abide by the customs regulations, and the value of the contents must appear on each shipment.

Yes, we will, if you so require. When placing your order in the web shop, please choose Registered mail on the page Method of delivery. The registration fee is €11.00. 

Unfortunately, that is not possible. The handling of supplementary orders differs from that of standing order deliveries and it is not possible to combine the two.

For technical reasons it is not possible. 

Åland Post ships all products ordered on one occasion in one shipment. Please note: if your order includes products that have not yet been issued, your entire order will be shipped after the latest date of issue. If you wish to receive products in several shipments, you must place several orders.

Like the rest of Finland, the province of Åland is part of the EU’s customs territory; however, Åland is not part of the EU’s value-added-tax and excise-duty area. Consequently, Åland is counted as third country in trade with other EU-countries. When dealing with an area that does not belong to the EU’s fiscal territory, you must make customs declarations, and you are therefore liable to pay VAT on goods from Åland. In addition, your post office may charge a processing fee. For more information, you can contact the postal services or customs office in your country.

For deliveries to Finland , Åland Post today automatically collects VAT in accordance with current tax regulations. Åland Post also collects VAT on all deliveries to Norway, regardless of value, when applicable in accordance with current rules.

The customs authorities in many countries apply a minimum value for low value shipments, for which they do not collect VAT.

Please note! As of 1 July 2021, the VAT rules for e-commerce to the EU from third countries will change; as of this date, all goods, regardless of value, must be cleared through customs. 

All our product prices are always stated free of VAT.

Payments & Returns

Yes, you can keep a positive balance in your customer account for pending or future deliveries. Account statements will be provided upon request, but you can easily check your account balance via the link Login on the home page. You find your latest invoice number in the top right corner of your latest delivery slip.

  • We recommend customers in Åland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany to make bank transfers to our account in the respective country. Ask your bank about SEPA transfers. When making the transfer, please observe the following: Customers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway must state the reference number of your latest invoice (OCR no., KID-no.) Customers in Germany and other European countries must state the customer number. We recommend our European customers to make SEPA bank transfers to our international bank account with OP Corporate Bank in Finland.
  • Credit/debit card payments can be performed online using the safe and encrypted link, easily accessed directly from our home page. Observe that Åland Post Stamps does not have access to your card details. You can save your card details with our payment service provider NETS in connection with an online payment by card. We will also charge your VISA or MasterCard manually; inform us of your details by phone, fax or letter. Note that we never keep your card details on file.

You will find the 10-digit invoice number in the upper right corner of your latest delivery invoice.

No, we do not accept payments by PayPal. You can make online payments by VISA, MasterCard and Maestro or make payments by bank transfer.

No, you cannot. Our bank does not accept cheques.

À nos clients francophones: Non, nous n’acceptons plus paiement par chèque. Nous vous recommandons paiement par virement SEPA à notre banque internationale OP Corporate Bank. Veuillez en demander plus chez votre banque. Alternativement, vous pouvez payer par carte VISA ou MasterCard.

We register payments as soon as we receive the account statements from our banks abroad. If you have made a payment after the invoice date, the payment does not show. If your payment is still not reflected on the following invoice, please get in touch with us. Remember to always state your customer account number or reference number when making a payment or transfer.

You can check your current account balance via Login on our home page.

The amount due is the amount payable for the enclosed shipment. The balance (EUR) in the upper right corner of the invoice is the total balance of your account. It may differ from the amount due if you had a positive or negative balance on the invoice date. If your account was balanced at the time of invoicing, the two amounts are the same.

Most likely, your most recent payment had not yet been registered in your account when the reminder was printed. Please check your payment receipt and send us a copy if your payment has not been registered in your account with us. We will gladly help you straighten out your account. Please note that we no longer keep bank accounts in Great Britain, France and the Netherlands.

You can check the total balance of your account in the upper right corner of your invoices. You can also check your current account balance via My page on our home page.

For reasons of customer security, Åland Post does not keep card details on file. You can pay by credit or debit card when placing your order in the web shop. Alternatively, you can pay upon receipt, using the safe and encrypted payment link, easily accessed from our homepage. We accept VISA and MasterCard . Follow the instructions. Keep your customer account number and your latest 10-digit invoice number at hand.

By ticking the box “Remember me” you can file your card details with our payment service provider Paytrail in connection with an online payment by credit/debit card. When you next make an online payment to your Åland account, all you need to do is state the amount and the Card Verification Code of your card.

If your order includes stamps or other products that have still not been issued, your entire order will be shipped as soon as all products are available.

Our customers have the right to return and/or exchange products within 8 days upon receipt. Please state your reason for returning the shipment as well as your customer number. To receive a refund, the products must be undamaged and returned in the original packaging if any such exists. Get in touch with our customer service for additional information concerning the return of shipments. 

Please return to us the damaged products and we will send you a replacement delivery. Remember to include your name and your 9-digit customer account number with the return.

Yes, you have the right to return or exchange products you do not wish to keep within 8 days upon receipt. Please let us know the reason for your return.

Other questions

Yes, you can. Åland Post and Posti Finland have entered an agreement that allows Åland Post to sell Finnish stamps, first and foremost at all exhibitions abroad in which Åland Post Stamps participates. You can also order Finnish stamps in the web shop. We will do our utmost to help you get a hold of the latest Finnish stamps, first day covers and year sets. 

Yes, you can. We have your account number in our customer database. However, please be sure to clearly state your name and address.

To change your e-mail address, please log in as you have done before. Go to My details and scroll down to "Change e-mail address". Follow the instructions. To change your password, go to the login page "Login" and click on "Forgotten your password". Enter your e-mail address and click on the button. You will receive a no-reply message with a link to be used for changing your password.

On the login pages, you click on ”Forgotten your password?” and enter the e-mail address you use to log into the web shop. In your mail box, you will receive a link to be used to change your password. Follow the instructions. If you have forgotten your e-mail address, please contact us.

Your membership level is automatically upgraded to Gold when you purchase products from Åland Post for €150 or more. The gold status will be updated twice per year – in January and July.

Read more about Åland Post Stamps customer program here.

We do not have a column for swapping friends. We suggest that you contact one of the two local newspapers Ålandstidningen or Nya Åland or a stamp collector’s society in your own country. The local Åland Stamp Collector's Society may also be able to help you with missing stamps.