Facts about My Stamps

  • My Stamps can only be ordered through the Internet, in the Post’s web shop.
  • All My Stamps have the official frame of the Post. Your photo is placed within the frame. 
  • My Stamps will be delivered as gummed mini-sheets of eight stamps.
  • A minimum order for personalized stamps is two mini-sheets or 16 stamps.
  • Price: Denomination Europa €36.80 for 2 mini-sheets + handling.
  • Price: Denomination Världen €40.00 for 2 mini-sheets + handling.
  • The time of delivery varies depending on the number of orders being placed at the same time. The usual time of delivery is 7 days depending on the destination.
  • Additional postage may also be ordered in the web shop of Åland Post Stamps.
  • If you wish to have your stamps cancelled, please send them to Åland Post Stamps for cancellation. My Stamps have to be posted from Åland.

Order your personalised Åland stamps in the web shop

Do you still have questions? Please get in touch with our customer service at minafrimarken@alandpost.com.