Stamps and other collectibles

In addition to an annual issue of approximately 16 postage stamps, Åland Post Stamps offers various philatelic products for the stamp collector, some of which are first day covers, maximum cards and special cancellations. 

This is where you find information about our range of stamp based products and other types of collectibles.

Subscription products


Issued since 1 March 1984, Åland stamps depict the Åland nature, culture, history, society and autonomy. To start a collection of Åland stamps, we recommend that you take out a standing order subscription. With a subscription for stamps you will be certain to receive all stamps issued, including booklets, self-adhesives, miniature sheets, mini-sheets, Nordic, Europa and Sepac stamps as well as a series of postal labels. You can collect mint stamps or first day cancelled stamps, alternatively cancelled with the round Mariehamn date cancel. Please let us know how you wish to receive your stamps.

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Gutter pairs

Åland Post is one of a few postal administrations in the world offering gutter pairs. A gutter pair consists of two stamps with the white or decorated gutter (or selvage) remaining between the pair. Also printed on the gutter is either the Post’s emblem or the issue number of the stamp. Normally, a sheet of stamps holds 3 to 5 gutter pairs. You can collect mint or cancelled gutter pairs.

Gutter pair strips

You can also collect the entire strip of gutter pairs which presents a decorative whole. A gutter pair strip is a strip of all the gutter pairs from a sheet of stamps (usually 3-5 gutter pairs). Even strips can be ordered mint or cancelled.

Full sheets


Most Åland stamps are issued in larger sheets. Depending on the format of the stamp, a sheet holds between 24 and 40 stamps. You can subscribe to mint or cancelled full sheets.


A booklet holds eight or nine stamps which may, sometimes, be self-adhesive. The booklet cover has information about the stamp motifs. Booklets are delivered mint or cancelled. 

Miniature sheets

Miniature sheets are issued at regular intervals and hold 1-4 stamps. Can be delivered mint or cancelled to order.


A mini-sheet is a small sheet of 8 identical stamps. Can be delivered mint or cancelled to order.

Postal labels

Once every year, the motif of the Åland postal labels changes. Postal labels are franking labels for which you may choose the denomination. As of 2018 a set of 4 franking labels holds 4 different motifs and the values are the same of all four labels. The self-adhesive labels are delivered mint or cancelled to order. Against a small printing fee, you can order labels with values of your choice. Please get in touch for additional information.

First day covers (FDCs)

In connection with each stamp issue, we also offer a beautifully illustrated first day cover (FDC) holding the new stamp or stamp series cancelled with the first day cancel. The specially produced covers are sold individually only on the day of issue; however, advance orders are accepted in the Post’s web shop.  In order not to miss out on any issue, we recommend a standing order subscription for FDCs.

Appearing at the end of the year, and available as a standing or casual order product, is a complete set of all the FDCs issued during the year. In addition to the first day covers, the FDC year set also includes the postal stationery of the year in first day cancelled condition.

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Signed FDCs

In the course of the year, Åland Post arranges for a limited number of first day covers to be signed by the artist. Please note that these exquisite FDCs are available only on standing order subscription.

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Year Sets

The year set holds all stamps issued during a certain year, i.e. also miniature sheets, mini-sheets, booklets, self-adhesives, Sepac, Nordic and Europa stamps as well as a series of postal labels. Facts about each issue are listed in English as well as in Swedish, Finnish and German. The year set is available as mint or cancelled to order.

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Year books

Issued in a limited edition every second year, the year book is an exclusive hardback book holding the entire stamp and postal label issue of two years. With the stamp themes as starting point, the book offers a suite of personal tales and entertaining articles about life in Åland. The articles are illustrated with lovely 4-colour photos. Written mainly in Swedish, each chapter ends with a summary in English, German and Finnish. 

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Postal stationery

Postal stationery may be postcards, postal letters or aerogrammes with prepaid postage. With the "Postage paid" imprint, postal stationery items may be posted from Åland to any destination in the world without additional postage. Available to order in mint or cancelled condition. 

Maximum cards

Maximum cards are illustrated cards with a stamp on the picture side, cancelled with a special cancel. The card, stamp and cancel have a common theme. The annual issue of maximum cards is 4-8.

Since 2004, Åland maximum cards also have a ‘Postage Paid’ imprint on the address side and, therefore, may be used as postal stationery.


In connection with some stamp issues, we also issue a postcard with an identical or similar motif.

Red Cross cards

For Christmas, Åland Post produces a set of Red Cross cards. The set holds a number of postcards and double cards with Christmas motifs. Postcards and envelopes have a 'postage paid' symbol and, therefore, may be posted from Åland to any country in the world without additional postage. Delivered mint or cancelled. 

Exhibition cards

Åland Post creates exhibition cards for the exhibitions in which we take part during the year. The cards all have a joint annual theme, and the motifs are usually found at the exhibition locations. A special exhibition stamp is affixed on the picture side and cancelled with the Post’s own exhibition cancel. The pack contains all the exhibition cards of the year and is available on standing order subscription or in the web shop at the end of the year.

Exhibition stamps

In connection with the stamp exhibitions in which we participate, Åland Post creates a special exhibition stamp associated with the Post’s annual exhibition theme. Produced using the online My Stamps facilities, the stamps are sold in mini-sheets of 8 identical stamps. At the end of the year, all the exhibition mini-sheets of the year are made available in the form of an Exhibition stamp pack.

Since 2014, you can also buy a glassine bag with a set of single exhibition stamps. 

Special Cancellations

Every year, a number of local events are given special attention by a cancellation. A pack of these special cancellations is available on standing order subscription and in the web shop at the end of the year. The cancels are applied to various Åland stamps affixed on covers. 

Christmas Seals

Issued in good time before Christmas, the seals can be used to close or decorate your letters and postcards. The profit from the sale of Christmas seals is used for charitable purposes. Christmas seals are sold in sheets of 20 self-adhesive seals. 

Year pages

The year pages fit into the Åland Post Luxe album. Clear protective mounts for your stamps are affixed on colour imprints of all stamps, booklets, miniature sheets, mini-sheets and the series of postal labels issued during the year. Accompanying the year pages is a front page listing the facts of the annual issue in English and Swedish.

Year pages for Åland gutter pairs with clear protective mounts affixed on colour imprints of all stamps are also available to order.

Sepac folders

Since 2007, Sepac stamps are issued by Åland Post and other small European postal administrations that are members of SEPAC (Small European Postal Administrations Cooperation). The issues all have a joint theme. The Sepac folder holds all the Sepac issues of the year as well as information about each stamp and country. Choose a standing order subscription to be sure to receive all the stamps of the series.

Other products

Collector’s albums

In connection with the issue of two 6-year stamp series, Åland Post has produced special collector’s sheets for custom-made albums. With the stamp motif as starting point, the collector’s sheets expand upon the motif with interesting background information, photos and the stamp in first day cancelled condition. The texts are authored in English as well as in German, Swedish and Finnish. The first collector’s album featuring passenger ferries was issued 2010-2014. Between 2015 and 2020, collector’s sheets were issued expanding on each vessel in the Sailing ship series. The collector’s sheets cannot be ordered individually.

Order the Sailing ship collector’s album in the web shop.

Souvenir/thematic packs

Now and again, Åland Post issues souvenir packs, for instance in connection with a joint issue with other postal administrations. The pack usually contains the stamps and FDCs of the two posts as well as a specially produced cover or card exclusively available in the pack.

Åland Post also offers various special packs in which Åland stamps of a certain stamp series or a certain theme are combined.

Black prints/Colour separations

In connection with certain stamp issues, Åland Post may also issue exclusive black prints or colour separations. Black prints are prints of the engraved part of a stamp, whereas colour separations show examples of the various colours that are printed on top of each other in the 4-colour printing process.

Commemorative cards

Special commemorative cards are issued at certain intervals and usually in connection with joint issues. The stamps are affixed to the picture side of the card and cancelled with the first day cancel, and the address side has information in several languages concerning the stamp motif.


Åland Post offers a number of practical albums for safe-keeping of your Åland stamps and other collectibles. Our assortment includes the luxurious Luxe album in dark blue leatherette as well as the more attractively priced white universal album. We also offer two types of albums for euro coins, a luxurious type and a more economical one. For the albums, you can order year pages or plastic sleeves to fit your special collection.

Stamp watches

Åland Post has previously issued special stamp watches with Åland stamp motifs. The elegant S.T.A.M.P.S. watches are made in Germany and Switzerland and have an exchangeable battery. The self-adhesive watch measures 42 x 42 mm and is delivered in an elegant protective box together with a certificate of authenticity and a one year warrant card.


Christmas decorations

Every year from 2005 to 2015, Åland Post issued a set of Christmas decorations on different themes. Each set holds four decorations made from brass and plated with 24 carat gold, all with a golden string for hanging. In addition, each set holds the annual Åland Christmas stamp.


Model cars


Åland Post has produced unique model cars, which focused on models of a specific theme or from a certain era. Each series contained a limited number of models. The model cars had a common scale and limited edition. An individually numbered certificate of authenticity accompanied the specially produced window box.

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Euro coin sets

Åland Post has issued Åland euro coin sets. The collector’s set held the entire annual coinage of Finnish euro coins, i.e. the 1-, 2-, 5-, 10-, 20- and 50-cent coins as well as the 1- and 2-euro coins. In addition to the coins, the exquisite set also included an Åland stamp and information in English as well as in Swedish, Finnish and German. Besides the annual euro coin set, sets of commemorative coins with an Åland connection have been issued. The last Åland euro coin set was issued in 2018. 

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Nordic sets

Issued by the Nordic postal administrations since 1956, Nordic stamps can be compared to the issuing of Europa stamps. Åland Post has contributed to the Nordic stamp series since 1991. The latest Nordic stamps were issued in 2020. The stamps have a common theme; however, each country chooses its own motif. Until 2016, a Nordic set was issued holding all the Nordic stamps and facts about each issue.