Club Åland – Terms and Conditions

General information

Club Åland is a loyalty program founded by Åland Post Stamps aiming at rewarding its collecting customers. Responsible for Club Åland is:

Åland Post Ltd, Stamps
P.O. Box 1100
Business ID 2220702-9

Contact details for Club Åland:
Åland Post Stamps
P.O. Box 1100

Phone: +358-(0)18-636 641


A membership of Club Åland is free. Businesses do not qualify for membership in Club Åland.

The Club Åland program is organized in three levels: bronze, silver and gold. Different benefits are available on each level. The membership level is based upon the total value of registered purchases during one calendar year and determined at the turn of the year.

The Åland Post has the right to change the membership levels and the benefits available on each level.


Each customer’s current membership level is classified at the turn of every year. A member may be assigned to a new membership level in accordance with the current qualification requirements for each category.

Other terms

Åland Post has the right to decide which types of offers and benefits to make available to different members of Club Åland and is not obliged to offer the same benefits to all members. Some benefits and offers may be made available only to customers within a certain membership level or to customers within a certain geographical area.

Åland Post reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to change any aspect of the program, inclusive of the terms and conditions of the Club Åland program and the procedures for granting membership levels. Changes of the terms and conditions are always effective immediately and without prior notice unless otherwise stated by the Åland Post. Information about changes will be available to Club Åland members at In addition, Åland Post aims at keeping its customers informed about all changes through the magazine Åland Post Stamps, should the information still be current at the time of publication.

Åland Post is not responsible for any losses caused by changes made, neither is Åland Post required to compensate its customers for any losses suffered thereof.