Silver members in 2018

If your annual purchases from Åland Post Stamps in 2018 exceeded €55* but amounted to less than €120*, you have reached the Silver level of Club Åland. 

Read the coming ordering brochures to avail yourself of the offers available on our Club Åland-level.

Handling fees

In 2018, the following fees apply for Silver members:

  • Subscription delivery: €1
  • Casual order above 20 €: €1.50
  • Small-order-fee on orders below €20: €4
  • Web shop orders above €20: €1
  • Web shop orders below €20: €3 

About the Silver level

  • To reach the Gold level in 2019, purchases for more than €120* in 2018 are required.
  • You will remain on the Silver level in 2019 if you make purchases for more than €55* but less than €120* in 2018.
  • In case your annual purchases amount to less than €55* in 2018, your membership level will be adjusted to the Bronze level as of 2019.

* Exclusive of handling fees

Read the terms of Club Åland here.