Deadlines and subscription deliveries

When will your next standing order delivery be posted? This is where you find information about this year’s standing order deliveries  (Note! preliminary times of delivery).

Estimated time of delivery: February


  • Collector's sheets, sailing ships 2020

Estimated time of delivery: March

Deadline for changes: February


  • Wild flowers (4 franking labels)
  • Sailing ships (2 stamps)
  • Sepac, artwork in national collection
  • 2 maximum cards 
  • 1 postcard 
  •  4 postal staionery cards (pets)

Estimated time of delivery: June

Deadline for changes: May


  • Europa, ancient postal routes
  • Nordic, mammals
  • Medical and industrial tubing
  • My Stamps, Dunderdans (mini sheet)
  • 1 maximum card

Estimated time of delivery: October

Deadline for changes: September 


  • Four seasons (booklet)
  • Åland police
  • Christmas 2020 (2 stamps)
  • Oxen (miniature sheet)
  • Christmas seals
  • 2 maximum cards 

Estimated time of delivery: November - December

Deadline for changes: October


  • Year set
  • Annual sets
  • Year pages
  • Red Cross cards

Estimated time of delivery: September

Content: Sepac folder no. 11