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Fill in the required number of products for each of the products you wish to keep on standing order subscription.


★ = mint

⦿ = cancelled

FDC = first day cover

# = stamp and FDC standing order subscription
Please observe that booklets, miniature sheets, mini-sheets, Europa, Nordic and Sepac stamps, self-adhesives and postal labels are all automatically included in the subscriptions for single stamps and FDC series. Additional sets can also be kept on standing order. Note that FD-cancelled postal stationery items are included in the annual FDC pack.

I wish to open a subscription order for


Stamps #

Stamps/blocks of four

Stamps/blocks of six

Gutter pairs

Gutter pair strips (3-5 GPs)

Full sheets

Postal labels

Postal stationery

FDC, series #

FDC, blocks of four

FDC, gutter pairs

Year Set

FDC Year Set #

FDC, signed (only certain issues)

Maximum cards

Exhibition Card Pack

Exhibition stamps, pack of mini-sheets

Exhibition stamps, set of singles

Special Cancellation Pack

Red Cross cards

Christmas seals


Year pages for Luxe album

Year pages for Luxe album, gutter pairs

Sepac Folder

Additional products


Miniature sheets

FDC Miniature Sheet


FDC Stamp Booklet

Nordic stamps

FDC Nordic stamps

Europa stamps

FDC Europa stamps

Mini sheets

FDC Mini sheet

Sepac stamps

FDC Sepac stamps

FDC, postal labels

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