Terms of delivery and payment

Always remember to state your philatelic account number when contacting Åland Post Stamps or making payments to your account.

Methods of payment

Orders are delivered together with an invoice. Customers with a Finnish account can also pay by e-invoice or direct debit. You are welcome to keep a balance in your Åland Post account. You can receive ordered products, even if your account shows a debit balance. If your account balance does not cover payment for your order, you will receive an invoice for the outstanding amount. We reserve the right to demand prepayment. When making payments to your philatelic account, please use one of the bank accounts mentioned below.

Bank accounts 

  • Finland IBAN: FI08 5578 0420 0572 27, BIC: OKOYFIHH
  • Sweden SE07 8000 0890 1198 3211 3089, SWEDSESS
  • Denmark IBAN: DK095010001261761, BIC: JYBADKKK
  • Norway IBAN: NO0416442087400, BIC: DNBANOKK
  • Germany IBAN: DE89 2001 0020 0698 292207, BIC: PBNKDEFF

Our international bank account number (IBAN) FI08 5578 0420 0572 27 together with BIC/SWIFT-code OKOYFIHH may be used for direct payments from any country. Perform your payment as a SEPA transer from most European accounts. Ask your bank. The name and address of our bank is OP Corporte Bank PLC, P. O. Box 308, FI-00101 HELSINKI, FINLAND

Reminders are mailed regularly. A €5.00 delay charge is imposed on each reminder.

All prices listed are exklusive of VAT.

Credit/debit cards

We accept VISA and MasterCard . Pay online or simply state the type, number, date of expiry and, not the least, the Card Verification Code of your credit card. The amount charged will be deposited in your philatelic account to which your orders are charged.  Please note that your card details will not be filed by us.

Cheques and cash

We do not accept payments by cheques. Cash payments must be made in euros. Foreign currencies are not accepted.

Price list for deliveries and order fulfillment as of 2021

Subscriptions: €1.50
Gold customer............€0.00

Single orders: € 3.00
Gold customer............€3.00
(by web shop, letter, phone, e-mail or chat)

Your order may be subject to taxes.

Åland Post Stamps customer program

Overview and price list for cancellations and other philatelic services

Orders to Finland and Norway

Åland Post collect VAT on deliveries to Finland and Norway according to current VAT rules. 

Orders to EU countries

Since 1 July 2021, shipments from Åland must be cleared by customs because Åland is not part of the EU taxation union. 

Exchange and return

You have the right to exchange or return ordered products within eight days upon receipt. Please state your reason for returning the shipment and remember to also state your customer account number.

Change of name and address

Please let us know in writing or by telephone if you change your name or address. You can also send an e-mail to stamps@alandpost.com. Please state your customer number when contacting us. This facilitates our customer service.

Processing of personal data

The personal data you provide when placing an order for products or services will be registered and saved electronically, and will be used to process your order. Data may also be used for follow-up and development of Åland Post services and for marketing purposes at Åland Post.

Åland Post is responsible for processing the personal data that is submitted in conjunction with purchases made via alandstamps.com. For more detailed information regarding how Åland Post processes personal data, see  Åland Post's digital privacy policy, which you find below. You are legally entitled to obtain information on the personal data that has been registered for you, and to have incorrect or misleading personal data corrected.  Contact Åland Post at kundtjänst@alandpost.com .

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Åland Post Stamps reserves the right to change these terms.

Updated 6.7.2021