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Join the merry fellowship of Åland collectors! Åland Post offers you and other types of collectors a varied assortment of stamp related products, for example stamps, gutter pairs, first day covers and cards.

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6 reasons to collect Åland stamps:

  1. Stamp country since 1984
    Åland is a young and well defined collector’s area.
  2. Serious and restrictive issuing policy of approx. 16 motifs per year
    Åland is a solid and safe collector’s area.
  3. High quality designs
    The popular Åland stamps are often highly ranked in public votes and have received a number of international distinctions.
  4. Small editions
    Åland stamps keep a stable value.
  5. Issues directly related to Åland
    Through the stamps, you learn about the Åland Islands from a historical as well as current perspective. The motifs are all found in the Åland nature, culture, industry, society and autonomy.
  6. Personal and speedy service with a high level of flexibility
    Åland Post Stamps offers customized service in five languages and we always strive to assist you with your collecting needs. Replies to our latest customer survey in 2019 show that more than 80 % of our customers are very satisfied with the service of Åland Post Stamps.

Additional advantages of keeping Åland stamps and collectibles on standing order subscription:

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  • Receive our magazine Åland Post Stamps with news and background information 4 times/year.
  • Discontinue your subscription at any time.

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