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Christmas seals Åland

Christmas seals support food and cat projects in Åland

24 October sees the issue of the decorative 2019 Christmas seals from Åland Post. Funds from the sale of them are always granted to charity. This year’s sale...
Year of the rat Åland

Åland archipelago mice illustrate Year of the Rat

On 24 October, the Year of the Rat is in line to appear in Åland Post’s popular series of stamps illustrating the Chinese zodiac signs. Designed by artist...
Skördefesten på Åland

Popular Harvest Festival in Åland celebrated with stamps

With the release of a stamp booklet on 20 September, Åland Post pays tribute to the Harvest Festival, one of the largest and most popular recurrent Åland...


Mitt Åland Lasse Holm

On 7 June, Åland Post invites you to an issuing party with Lasse Holm and Finnish Postcrossing Friends.

Åland Post Stamps is pleased to announce that this year’s great stamp event takes place in the Badhusparken in Mariehamn on 7 June. Swedish Eurovision song...

The votes are in! Here’s the loveliest Åland 2018 stamp

The vote for the most beautiful Åland 2018 stamp series has been concluded. Many collectors have cast their vote and several favourites emerged among the ten...

Åland Post celebrated 25th anniversary with presentation of 2019 stamp issuing program

In the good company of local collectors and partners, Åland Post celebrated its 25th anniversary as an independent postal administration on 7 November. The...

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